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Direct thermal or thermal transfer? It could be confusing. We frequently received inquiries about this puzzle.

Wolfbarco is a manufacturer-direct Value Added Reseller. We work with a dozen of OEMs and manufacturers in the thermal transfer ribbon industry to shorten the supply chain to the end user, provide premium quality products at competitive price.

In this article, we intend to provide an overview of the common problems, possible causes and solutions for thermal transfer printing. Burn temperature guide and ANSI print quality samples are included for your reference.

This article provides an overview of the thermal transfer ribbon used for printing static cling oil sticker in the oil change sector.

In addition to width, length, coating side, and ribbon formulation, the print speed that a thermal transfer ribbon is capable of needs to be taken into consideration. This article walks you over how to select the right type of thermal transfer ribbon for your corner edge or near-edge overprinter based on the print speed.

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Why buy thermal transfer ribbon from Wolfbarco? Wolfbarco is a manufactured based wholesaler of thermal transfer ribbon products. With our state of art manufacturing capability and stringent quality control process, Wolfbarco ribbons deliver equivalent or better print quality compared with the big brands at much lower price. We care for business of all sizes with our superior customer service. Buying direct from the manufacturer helps you meet your cost saving goals.

This article covers the basics of thermal transfer overprinting process and its benefits versus traditional analog printing such as hot stamping printing. How to select the correct wax/resin or resin ribbon for your specific print application is also thoroughly discussed.

This article will help you gain a thorough understanding about the different types of barcodes, including 1D linear barcode and 2D barcodes, as well as the different symbologies associated with each type. Barcode orientation such as picket fence and ladder are also discussed as it affects how the barcode is printed. More importantly, don't miss the guideline of selecting the right kind of thermal transfer ribbon for your barcode printing application.